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aboutusIntegra Consulting Group was formed to aid publicly traded companies by telling their story with integrity. We use our almost 40 years combined experience to help our clients not just survive, but thrive in today’s complex capital market.

At Integra Consulting Group we utilize a strict due diligence process along with the many resources available to us to help the companies we choose to represent, refine and reach their target audience. We can help you develop a comprehensive strategy that integrates finance, marketing and communication with investors and service providers to provide the maximum visibility to your company and its unique value proposition. The broader your Investor Relations and public relations program the greater the chance of your message being seen and heard by likeminded investors. With the over 10,000 micro-cap companies seeking investor attention today, you need a plan to stand out from the crowd. We invest in your business in many ways, we bring our time, capital, energy and many years of experience so that you and your company get the benefit of our expertise to help you meet your need for investment capital and market sponsorship.

Investor Relations (IR) is a strategic management responsibility that integrates finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to a company’s securities achieving fair valuation. (Adopted by the National Investor Relations Institute ‘NIRI’ Board of Directors, March 2003.)

The way Micro-cap companies communicate to the street has changed significantly over the past five years, with changes in compliance rules and a more sophisticated investor base. Simply touting a company’s message via an investment newsletter or bulk email program will fail to reach your target audience. The database of brokers that  invest in micro-cap companies is growing smaller and demands more information, integrity and ethics because many have heard the next great idea again and again with minimal results for them and their clients. We set ourselves apart from the crowd by providing the highest possible degree of service, accountability, due diligence and actually build relationships with the brokers we work with daily.

How We Work

An Organization Built on Integrity

Because every client company is different and has special needs that are unique to their situation and target market, we initially do an extensive due diligence process. Then we work together to set expectations, review the requirements necessary to meet those expectations and then strive to meet and exceed these goals by developing a comprehensive action plan within the corporate clients budget and timeline. Once all parties agree upon the strategic plan, the plan is drafted into a customized consulting agreement and we get to work.

Integrity: The one word that is the driving force behind our philosophy in all our business actions. To Integra Consulting Group, our ideals, standards, morals and ethical codes are utilized as a measuring stick of success. Integrity is the guiding force in all we do, with client companies, investment professionals, institutional and wealthy individual investors, as well as the public as a whole are all done with Integrity.

We believe in representing ourselves and our client companies with an honest, intelligent, accurate portrayal of the actual situation through a philosophy of being proactive and if things aren’t going according to plan we want all parties involved to hear it from us first.

We have found that through proactive approach, we have progressively built better long-standing relationships. As we have consistently adhered to a strict compliance to our guiding principles of accountability and Integrity with our investors and client companies we have found a level of trust, commitment and dedication has followed us.

A Breakdown of Our


Full Service Corporate Communications and Investor Relations

We provide a full range of services to publicly traded companies and private companies looking to attract investment capital by going public. Our years of experience, reputation for integrity, along with many long term personal and business relationships combine to allow us the ability to engage investors, investment consultants, publications, institutional money managers and investment banks that have interest in, and resources to deploy, on your companies behalf.

This diversity and commitment to a win-win philosophy of doing business is what sets Integra Consulting Group apart from other providers of Investor and Public Relations Companies.


We look forward to exploring how we can help you.

Integra Consulting Group



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Jeremy G. Roe:

Mr. Roe brings extensive experience to Integra Consulting and their client companies having represented over 150 publicly traded small and micro cap companies in his nearly 2 decades in the finance industry. He has assisted companies throughout the entire corporate development process, from going public through the traditional IPO process, reverse mergers to ultimately being acquired by another company.

Additionally, Jeremy has successfully helped several client companies’ move to more senior exchanges to provide them and their shares additional exposure and enhance the trading of their stock. He has also been instrumental in securing over $200 Million dollars for clients firms and the projects vital to their future growth. He has been active in the consulting process on key issues such as corporate structuring, financial development, and growth of companies from the seed financing stage through the many phases of private and public offerings.



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